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Speed Checks - Where ?

Upon requests from local individuals we have paid the following places a visit and our experiences are shown below.
The more recent visits are listed at the top.



With the help of PCSO Dedmen-Ert and local folk, residents were reminded that 30 mph does also apply to them. A particular stretch of road is targetted where motorists zoom down a slope and then accellarate to ge tto the top. Speeds were observed in excess of 40mph just to get to a local supermarket around the corner.
Lets see what happens.

Shepshed - Tickow Lane

This was a fun outing in the afternoon of the 26th May. In a 30mph area, speeds were clocked in excess of 60mph entering and leaving Shepshed around a blind corner.
Much to the surprise of motorists when signs were put out and high visibility jacket was put on how speeds dropped to a mere 30 mph.
Local residents were all in favour and came over despite the gailforce wind and a bit of rain.
With high visibility jacket speed ranged from 25 to 36 mph.
Without it speeds started from 32 mph upwards to 62 mph. Had it not been for the blind bend this would be much higher I'm sure.
We will be back to take more readings.

Shepshed - Fairway Road

Upon request from a resident speed readings were taken on Monday 26th May.
Whilst reasonably quiet when taking speed readings 'under cover' most adhered to the 30mph limit.
With a high visibility jacket and street signs out there were still a few who went in excess of 40mph. Alas, these were local residents living in side streets from Fairway Road.
Watch this space for more information.

Loughborough -Haddon Way

Members from Haddon Way Residents Association took receipt of a speed gun and two road-side signs. Concerns were made where local kids, cyclists and pedestrians were endangered by speeding residents.
With this action the Association wishes to ensure that everyone is aware that a 30 mph limit is there for a reason.
Watch this space for a picture.

Ashby - Town Centre

PSCO Soames-Degg & PCSO Wardle

PSCO Amanda Soames-Degg (6035) and PCSO Stephen Wardle (6652) will be using the Neighbourhood Watch speed gun to check speeds around Ashby Town centre during May.
Speed even in the town centre is still high and by the presence of the officers it is expected that those coming to and through Ashby will respect the posted speed limits.
Local business might even sponsor the acquisition of a bespoke speed gun for Ashby so officer may check the speeds at regular intervals where speed might be an issue.

Shepshed - Anson Road

Anson Road

Residents in Anson Road were not happy about speeds motorists were achieving in their road. They took the oppertunity to check the speeds and also to make motorists slow down to below the posted speed limit.
A few weeks in March and April were used to be at the road-side to remind those speeding motorists.

Ashby de la Zouch


Members from Neighbourhood Watch and local Council took receipt of a Speed-Gun and 2 Speed-Check signs to be used in and around Ashby over the next few weeks.
Special attention will be made around schools during the busy periods to monitor some of the speed motorists get up to in a 30mph posted area.
Watch this space for further news.



Members from Cossington Neighbourhood Watch were issued with a Speed Gun and two Speed Check signs.
They will be operational for the next few weeks checking during busy periods.
The first day of operation on Sunday 3 March was a great success. Despite being fully visible and both signs prominently dipslayed, many drivers were still found to be travelling at 40 plus through the 30 mph posted area.

Shepshed - Iveshead Road

Speed sign

Sun 3rd December '06
For a period of 2 hours residents stood outside the local pub and recorded the speed of those motorists passing along the 30 mph limit road.
To start with we took readings in our ordinary clothing. The speeds varied between 30mph and up to 50mph plus.
We then erected our speed check sign and robed in our high visibility jacket. An amazing result. Front bumpers appeared to be going down upon reading our sign and speed miraculously reduced to the 30 mph mark.

We were met with friendly hand gestures and nods showing their appreciation at us standing there. Some apologetic and shameful looks were also observed.
The general concensus was such that this morning's readings were a success and we will come back to take more readings at other times.

Other local residents poppped out and thanked us as they were now able to leave and enter their driveways in relative safety.

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